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Above: our 1st barn wedding.

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We serve just 25 couples -- per year, nationwide, mostly in ATL, KY and NY

2022 Booked -- 2/22, 3/12, 5/7, 5/28, 6/11, 6/25, 7/2, 7/22, 9/17, 10/8, 10/22, 11/13 


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Black Ty Experience - Same Day Wedding Album & Prints | Facebook


Imagine this at your wedding:


5. Wedding at Gillespie 

Louisville, Ky. (Her dress!) Click picture for video.

6. Wedding at NOAHs (Video of Album's Pages Up-Close)

Louisville, Ky.

Highly recommended viewing


7. Energetic Wedding at Glassworks

Louisville, Ky. (Bride is a critic!)

10,000+ Views


8. Wedding at Newport Syndicate

Cincinnati, OH. (Bride is speechless!)

Our first time in this area!


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At Beaches, Barns, Ballrooms... 

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Just for Lavish Events Only? No! One of our couples hosted a humble micro wedding in their backyard! In any setting, you are served The Best! 

9. https://bit.ly/2TVaxPY

10. https://bit.ly/2vjTnC1










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Black photographer in Louisville, Ky.

Coolness of James Bond + technology of Black Panther -- that is Ty, Black Ty. On standby, ready to serve you&yours,  if your date hasn't already been booked.

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An experience everyone in your circle will speak of often

Up to 10 hours photography service

A talented creative with over 15 years of kicking butt with his camera--

creating beautiful imagery of all skin tones/body types

100s of moments captured and saved to usb drive


Please look at any of the videos again. Isn't this highlight unbelievably awesome? You deserve this on your wedding day, 

one of the most important events in your life!

Payment plans: are designed in Paypal for your convenience and protection. Rates will vary due to number of album(s) presented. A ballpark quote is 2.5k - 5k. Payment plans are flexible. 


For couples on tighter budgets, we have not turned our back on you! We offer other packages that may be a better fit. 


Note: other packages will not include same day wedding album. But you will receive gorgeous pictures in 2 weeks! Fill out form to check your date availability. If it is open, scratch get talented photographer off your to do list!

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This is the joy we will bring you too!! Thanks Sharon Rumsey of APerfect Plan for this beautiful couple. (What follows is only for those who didn't fill out form.) Cheers!


Thousands want us yearly -- but

nationwide only 25 - 30 couples are served Black Ty Experience.

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Beaches, Barns, Ballrooms or Backyards!

We present your love story, with magic.

Why Ty?

Because having a gorgeous album of your love story at your reception is best wedding highlight ever.


Because you will also enjoy complete coverage and 100s of gorgeous edited images saved to a flashdrive in 4 weeks. Family and friends will love your Black Ty Experience and then in another month, we break the internet again!

One more reason: look again at the couples featured. The only way to earn a client base this diverse was by being fun, easy to work with and The Best at what I do, consistently, for years! Enough about me, let's talk about something far more important -- your wedding day! 


At one time I, Ty Lockhart, was torn about cellphones at weddings. 


Family and friends are disappointed when asked to put phones away. Some feel an "unplugged" ceremony is unfair, especially now. On the other hand, shouldn't the very first pictures seen of your wedding ceremony (and other sacred moments) be gorgeous and not a random pic from a guest? Which call is 'right?'


Both! Guests can snap dark grainy pics AND newly wed couples can enjoy a professionally captured and created album, same day of the wedding. Your heirloom will be and contain the most memorable wedding highlights!


Is it worth retaining a skilled creative to make this happen for your event? May I ask you visit our Wedding Wire Facebook pages to see reviews from brides who got the service you're reading about? 


Every review is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

ANY can be contacted or asked about our vision or the value.





Hearing from actual brides or parents who paid for services is THE BEST WAY to get unbiased, blunt truth on any wedding professional (and scroll around their personal Facebook page to see if brides post there also.)



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Another bride shook by First Look Love-Story Book!

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Same Day Wedding Album - Black Ty Experience

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Unlimited coverage, gorgeous album(s) ready same day

and photography by a craftsman who

has something to prove.


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