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for couples who enjoy finer things.

Imagine seeing your wedding day in an album of professionally created images, on the SAME DAY of your event. Not weeks later, but during your actual reception. Before thinking 'impossible,' please read on.


About the Founder: Ty Lockhart is a talented creative with over 20 years skillsets in documenting weddings and quinceaneras. He is comfortable in ballrooms, barns, beaches and backyards! In this slideshow of his work, you're certain to see an event similiar to yours. All love stories welcomed!

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Ask About Unadvertised Special

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Black Ty Experience -

Same Day Wedding Album. 

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What happens if you and your soulmate leave reception early? This video is an actual event in Louisville, KY. There's another on our Tik Tok page, yes we delivered the album as room service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What all do we get in this service?

A. You'll enjoy up to 10 hours of photography service covering your day from beginning to end. The pictures of your day are created by a professional who dresses dapper, fun to work with, and loves the nuances of skilled lighting. If your venue has dim lighting, these skillsets are very very important! As the reception concludes, you'll be presented a stunning same day album of your event featuring the highlights from ceremony, reception, and formal portraits. The image quality will be what you've seen on this website and in the TikTok videos: absolutely stunning!

In addition, you'll recieve a flashdrive of images (100s and 100s of moments from your event in about 4-8 weeks.) If you've seen and read enough, feel free to skip the remainder of information on this site and text 502 442 9393 for immediate assistance about your wedding date.

Q. How is it possible to get a quality album this fast that tells the story of my day? Nobody does this!

A. It is VERY difficult, to be frank, the founder of Black Ty Experience -Same Day Wedding Album has no hair. We suspect it's because of this concept. Seeing brides gasp and grooms cry is what he and his team live for. Your wedding day joy is worth the sacrifice!

Q. What happens if we have to leave reception earlier than planned and the album production team is still working on our book?

A. Ty will personally deliver to your hotel room or whereever ya'll are. Yes way, he will. Provided it's okay and you two are available. And if that isn't ideal, the album will be gift boxed sent as room service in the morning. Imagine having breakfast in bed reliving the magic of your wedding day on your honeymoon!

For other questions, please text 502 442 9393 or email:

Whether you are laid back easy going, or type A personality who notices every little thing, this concierge level service is sure to please. All Reviews are 5 Stars. Thank you for considering having your love story presented with magic. On behalf of Ty Lockhart and team, we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your upcoming celebration.

Rate of Black Ty Experiece - Same Day Wedding Album ranges from 2.5k - 5k+

A retainer secures your date and the remaining balance is due anytime on or before your wedding date. For your safety and protection, Paypal is used for payment. (For engaged couples on restrictive budgets, Ty Lockhart offers other packages with rates of 2k and less. Of course, these packages will not include Black Ty Experience - Same Day Wedding Album. They do include flexible event coverage time of 4, 6 and 8 hours. A flashdrive of beautiful moments of your day will be mailed within 8 -10 weeks of event.)

* For engaged couples with very luxurious tastes and budget is no factor, please inquire about our latest innovation. The service we envision has NEVER occured anywhere at any wedding in the world. Ever. We call it Beyond Black Ty Experience. Truly mind blowing. Perhaps you and your soulmate will be the first couple to enjoy this service. A service unlike anything ever seen at any wedding. Ty Lockhart will shave all the hair off his head if you've seen anything remotely similar!


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Same Day Wedding Album - Black Ty Experience

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